Here is the gear I use for coding, live streaming, and YouTube-ing

Maegan's desk

Computer Setup

M1 Mac Mini

This is the M1 Mac Mini. It is a beast of a computer in a small package. I have the 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD version.

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DROP CTRL Keyboard

The keyboard should probably be it's own category, but I'll just leave it here. DROP CTRL Keyboard with Holy Panda Switches and Canvas keycaps. All were purchased on Link is to the board.

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LG 34" Ultrawide

An ultrawide monitor that doesn't have a curve. It works well, but it is a bit hard to get it to match to a MacBook Pro's colors.

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Magic Trackpad 2 [Space Gray]

When running macOS, I love using a trackpad. MacOS was built for trackpad use and it shows.

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MX Master 3

Sometimes I need to run Windows or my wrist starts hurting and I need to change what I'm using. When that happens, I switch to a Logitech MX Master 3.

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Well that's what I use. If you have any other questions, hit me up on Twitter and I'll be happy to answer!