Hi there! I'm Maegan (they/them). I'm a self taught iOS and Web Developer. I run off of coffee and learning new things. I currently work as a Hog Console Product Support Specialist for ETC and develop my apps, live stream, and make YouTube videos in my off time. All my social links can be found to the right!

I began this development journey in 2017, and I’ve loved every minute of it! Let me tell you, it has been a journey. I knew I wanted to make iOS apps but had a hard time learning how, and that’s when I turned to web development. I learned the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript since I could quickly see what I was doing. Immediate satisfaction is such a great driver for learning. About a year into web development, I started learning Swift and released my first app about 3 months after that. Now, I have a second app that covers all its own costs!


If you are looking for my resume, you can download and view it here.