New iOS App Update

10 May 2021

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My desk

I’m making good progress on this Auto Tracker.

Things I can do so far:⁠

  • Log in / create an account⁠
  • Add a vehicle to track⁠
  • Store it in Firestore⁠ ⁠

Things I need to add for a “shippable” app:⁠

  • Edit the details⁠
  • Add a maintenance record to a car⁠
  • Add a gas fill up to a car⁠
  • Share a car with another user⁠
  • Offline storage⁠

I also have a name, icon, and started some of the IAP things on App Store Connect.⁠

App Icon

This has been a fun and a new adventure. I’ve done some new things in this app that I’ve never done before like authentication, adding firebase, and getting information from an API. ⁠ ⁠

As my other iOS Apps, My Wheels is all written using Swift and SwiftUI.