WCI: March 5th through March 11th 2021

12 Mar 2021

#checkin #personal

I’m going to try and start writing a weekly check in along with my weekly developer posts.

Content Creation

This past week, I was able to post a video and article about git remote servers, how to add code to the server, and retrieve code from the server. I also was able to push 2 updates for iHog to TestFlight. They should hopefully go live at somepoint within the next two to three weeks depending on feedback.

I have been really bad about posting to instagram. I’m going to get back into posting. I just need to figure out a good schedule that isn’t 1 post every Monday through Friday. That is not do able for me and my schedule.


I’ve been looking at RevenueCat as a way to handle in app purchases. I think it’s a good service and might make things a bit easier. I’ve been thinking about making the app subscription base anyway. Especially as I work on it more consistently. If there are always more improvements and more features, then I don’t think a one time purchase makes sense. I think there might be a way to make it a yearly subscription, but if you don’t pay, then you get only the features you’ve paid for already. It’s an idea, but I’m not too sold on it yet.


Goals for next week:

  • Post a youtube video and blog post over Git Branch workflows
  • Post on instagram
  • Make a short and reel about something