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    How to write a unit test in Swift 5 using Xcode 12

    16 Sep 2021
    Learn how to write unit tests in Swift Read More
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    TTT E2: California Streaming and iPhone Dreaming

    15 Sep 2021
    Episode 2: Jake and Maegan discuss the September Apple Event. What do all these product announcements mean? Read More
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    Tech Talk Today E1 "hello"- I started another Podcast

    07 Sep 2021
    I started another podcast with my friend Jake. It's all about tech. Here's episode 1. Read More
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    Three Ways to Test Your iOS App

    02 Sep 2021
    In this post, I’m going to discuss different ways to test your iOS app and why you need to be using tests for you code. Read More
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    1 Month being a Full Time Software Engineer

    26 Aug 2021
    It's been a month as a software engineer, and it's time for a check in. This is my first software engineer position. I don't have a background in development and am self-taught and still learning a lot. Read More